Your Autumn Skincare Switches

Your Autumn Skincare Switches

Anyone else feel like Summer arrived and left us quicker than a Bachie couple? Autumn has well and truly kicked off for many of us and whilst you’re switching out swimsuits for scarves, it’s time to review the skincare you’re using. 

Seasonal changes of any kind can play havoc with our skin, especially the transition from hot to cold. This is why sticking to the same products all year round isn’t always the best approach. During the chillier months, like Autumn, our skin loves the extra nourishment and hydration we skipped in Summer. Just like we match what we wear to the weather, so too should our skincare.

Now, don’t panic! This isn’t a message to completely overhaul your routine! Instead, we’ll be sharing a few insights into the products to switch out and change up to have you covered in the cooler months.

 Your cleansing routine just got a whole lot more nourishing

During these chillier months, our skin will often produce less oil so it’s important to choose a cleanser that locks in hydration as well as doing a great job at well… cleansing! 

Summertime was perfect for a lightweight cleanser but using these in Autumn and Winter, you may find that your skin feels tighter or dry. That’s where choosing an oil or balm-based cleanser comes in. Our Orange Crush Oil Cleanser is going to work wonders at keeping your skin in balance and giving back whilst taking away. They melt away your makeup, dirt and debris from the day without clogging the pores or stripping the skin. 

The cooler months can also bring on an increase in flakiness, especially for those that already experience dry or dehydrated skin. This is because our skin’s natural shedding process slows down. To combat this, we need to create a consistent exfoliation routine to kickstart out cell renewal process again.

We opt for an enzyme-based exfoliant as it is kind to all skin types. With no scrubbing in sight, enzyme exfoliants gently eat away at the dead skin cells to reveal smoother, hydrated and replenished looking skin. Twice per week, we reach for our Raspberry Calming Clay Mask to give our skin the reboot it needs during the colder months.

Hydrate, hydrate it real good

With the colder weather comes an increased exposure to hot fires, heaters and showers, which despite total necessities with a hot chocolate, are stripping our skin of hydration and moisture. That’s where choosing products that replenish that much needed hydration come in.

Think of your hydration products as that thick, oversized coat you love in your cupboard. Just like it protects you from the cold, hydration products lock in the goodness and prevent the nasties from coming in. If your skin is susceptible to redness and flakiness during the colder months, you want to really lock in that hydration. Like now. Go!

Our Founder Lauren can’t get enough of layering her hydration products at the moment to seal the deal on hydration and moisture.

“I have been applying our Golden Hour Glow face oil over my Facial Co Skincare serums to create a protective guard against inflammation and redness. It’s really locking in my skin’s moisture and creating a beautiful glow underneath my makeup. At night, I also make sure to add some extra hydration to my under eyes with our Resveratrol eye cream. The wind can really take a hit on that delicate area! – well said, boss, well said.

A love letter to Vitamin C

You might run to the Vitamin C when you’re feeling a little under the weather but during those colder months, it’s also our go-to for skincare! This amazing antioxidant helps the skin to retain moisture, brightens complexions and tackles the signs of ageing all whilst protecting it from harmful free radicals. For extra bonus points, it also helps to correct any extra pigmentation we *accidentally* found on our skin after Summer. We love this powerhouse ingredient so much that we’ve included in a bunch of our skincare essentials! Beginning with a longing daydream about afternoons at the beach,

Our Kakadu Plum serum is perfect for a dose of Vit C, elevating your daily skincare ritual instantly, transforming it into an immune-boosting skincare switch up.

If you’ve been looking for a sign to use a face oil, this is it

Now, our love for face oil is no secret. If we could have a poster of Golden Hour Glow hanging up in our bedroom we totally would. In the chillier seasons, it’s the perfect way to replenish, nourish and repair our skin (all whilst giving us a totally “I’m not freezing cold” glow).

During these months, our skin will take all the nourishment it can get, and a face oil truly brings its A-game. Loaded with glorious essential fatty acids, our Golden Hour Glow face oil delivers extraordinary hydration, nourishment ad dose of protective antioxidants. They work with the skin, not against it, to bring balance to oil flow, lock in moisture and calm stressed out skin. If you haven’t added a face oil to your daily routine yet, why not give ours a try? The glow is worth it tenfold.

 So, ready to give your skin the perfect Autumn reboot? Jump onto our website and shop our skincare bundles. We might even throw in a cheeky gift. We’re generous like that.