Meet Lauren

I founded The Facial Co. Skincare in 2019, driven by a quest for skincare that meets the needs of sensitive skin like mine, while adhering to the values of being 100% vegan, naturally derived, and Australian made.

This journey, shaped by my own experiences and the feedback from my salon clients, led to the creation of our brand, emphasising professional-grade, effective skincare rooted in nature.

Our philosophy is simple: skincare as a delightful, nourishing ritual. Inspired by Australia's bounty of natural ingredients, we've crafted a range that celebrates skin health and natural beauty without compromising on quality or values. As a Beauty Therapist and a mother, my daughters’ arrivals further molded our commitment to honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Thank you for embracing our vision of natural, effective skincare. Together, let's make every skincare ritual a moment of joy and connection.




Our commitment to naturally derived formulations and active ingredients ensures your skin receives the utmost care. By eliminating confusing ingredients, the clutter of unnecessary fillers, and embracing a simplified skincare routine, we guarantee a happy, glowing complexion.



We redefine daily skincare as an indulgent ritual. Our carefully crafted products offer a moment of luxury, transforming routine into a rich, sensory experience. It's not just skincare; it's a daily act of self-love that leaves your skin — and spirit — radiantly alive.



Our range is meticulously crafted, combining the gentle care of botanicals with the precision of cosmeceutical science. Each product is designed to offer more than a mere cleanse or moisturisation; it's a targeted treatment, working beyond the surface, that addresses your specific skin concerns.



Born in the lush landscapes of Australia, our products celebrate the bounty of the earth. From skin-loving botanicals to a medley of native flora and fruits, we bring the essence of the Australian outdoors to your skincare ritual, ensuring your skin glows as brightly as our heritage.