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Meet Lauren

Lauren is the business lady behind The Facial Co. Skincare.

With over a decade's career as a Beauty Therapist, Lauren's passion for skincare, particularly creating masks, lotions and potions that would actually work for her sensitive, eczema prone skin, was budding from a young age, which then became a major focal point in her career, and has lead to the creation of this gorgeous skincare range.

Lauren started her skincare line production two months after the birth of her daughter and spoke quite fondly of how her daughter has shaped the values and structures of her business, today.

Her Values:

- To provide high quality natural, professional grade products.

- No testing on animals whatsoever. None. Zilch.

- Complete brand transparency.

- Only using 100% natural ingredients.

- Hand poured small batches all made in Australia.

- Honesty and integrity.

- Constantly striving to better our products and our brand.


There Has To Be Better Way.

The Facial Co. Skincare has taken all the things we love about quality anti-ageing skincare (natural formulations, active ingredients and happy skin) and shown the door to the things we don’t love (confusing ingredients, overwhelming steps and unnecessary nasties) .

For us, it’s all about creating skincare rituals.

We’ve picked the top of the class natural and organic actives, bundled them into easy-to-follow steps and given you a daily ritual that you’ll be bouncing out of bed for.

Each product throughout our range has been thoughtfully formulated, so that you're not only getting an exceptional cleanse or nourishing moisturiser, but a cosmeceutically charged skin treatment, that will help tackle your skin concerns.

We’re so much more than the boutique skincare with the beautiful packaging. We’ve taken something that has been traditionally overwhelming and transformed it into simple and effective steps that smell damn good too.

From your morning cleanse, evening serums to self-care face mask, every step you take to your best skin yet comes with zero compromise.

We’re not interested in unnecessary chemicals and inflatable arm man marketing, just products that take the confusion out of caring from your skin that actually work.

With every bottle, we bring all the non-negotiables of cruelty-free, vegan friendly and sensitive skin approved with no hidden tricks and secret passcodes. Promise.

So, why natural skincare? Why not more like it! We’re pretty lucky in Australia. Created in the land of the droughts and flooding rains, we have an abundance of natural and organic ingredients at our fingertips.

Proudly Australian made and owned, our products are packed with skin loving botanicals, native flora and a cocktail of dazzling fruits that connect you with the earth and see your skin glow.

Go on. Shimmy into your bathroom and start enjoying your skincare ritual. You deserve it.