Why sensitive skin and results-driven skincare can totally go hand-in-hand!

Why sensitive skin and results-driven skincare can totally go hand-in-hand!

Sensitive skin babes, this one’s for you! We get it. Sensitive and reactive skin can be incredibly challenging. Especially when you feel like it comes out of nowhere. 

Our boss lady Lauren experiences some serious skin sensitivity herself which actually drove her to create this brand! Ensuring every ingredient did what it was *actually* meant to without compromise, our products have swiftly become the go-to for frustrating skin types. 

The best part? They deliver incredible results too! We find that often, sensitive or reactive skin types are left to use skincare products that don’t actually support any long-term change and we’re so done with it. 

Who said we couldn’t enjoy the benefits of anti-ageing, skin brightening and glowing results just because of our skin condition?! Not us! Here’s how we’re changing the game for sensitive skins with intelligent, considered and mindfully created products. 

We get that skin is an inside job 

Managing sensitive skin isn’t just about the products we apply to our skin but the way we feel inside our head, our gut and our heart. That’s why you’ll always find helpful hints and tricks on our blog and Insta (if we’re not Insta official yet, we totally should be) to help you along your skin journey. 

Managing her own challenging skin journey, The Facial Co Skincare Founder Lauren will often pop in your stories feed to share her updates, what’s working for her skin and the experiments she undertakes to figure out wtf is going on with her skin. Keeping it raw and real, we’re your personal cheer squad for handling sensitive skin. 

The role of mental wellbeing and self-care in our skin journey is more important than you could ever imagine. When we’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, more often than not, it’ll show up on our skin. Ugrh the worst, right?  Our products have been mindfully created to craft a simple, empowering and enriching self-care routine not just weekly but every day. 

From the 15 minutes you take to let our Raspberry Calming Clay Mask soak into your skin from the few minutes you take truly massage in our Orange Crush Cleansing Oil, the smell and feel of our products on your skin evokes your senses and grounds you, even just for a moment. Your skin and mind will thank you for it. 

We choose ingredients that work with your skin, not against it

Sensitive skin, we hear you. We too are FED UP with products that contain an abundance of skin-stripping alcohol, aggressive parabens and barrier-impairing formulations. Every one of our products has a strict no-BS rule which is why you’ll never find these nasties in our products. 

Whilst this undoubtedly makes skincare choices easier, we know it’s only one chapter of sensitive skin beauties finding results-driven skincare. That’s where our natural, yet total powerhouse products come in. In your The Facial Co Skincare products, you’ll find some of the same superstar ingredients found in the world’s most cutting-edge brands products. 

Exceptional, skin-transforming ingredients such as Kakadu Plum, Seabuckthorn, Kaolin Clay, Hyaluronic Acid and Jojoba all feature in our product line-up to help you start achieving glowing skin results without the added irritation. 

Mindfully created with you are the forefront, each of our products have a focus on calming and soothing inflammation, reducing redness and replenishing the skin with much-needed hydration. It’s kind of our thing. We know how sensitive skin *works* and we make it our priority to ensure skincare works for your complexion, not against it. 

Products like our Raspberry Calming Clay Mask use out-of-the-box methods of exfoliation, in our case, the use of enzymes, to allow these skin types to enjoy the benefits of exfoliation and detoxification without unnecessary disruption. Our serums cut out the fillers to feed the skin an abundance of calming and rejuvenating vitamins whilst our oil-based formulations replenish with nourishment, moisture and glow.

Our formulations are exclusively natural, vegan and organic wherever possible to welcome the world of high-performance skincare to a sensitive skin’s bathroom shelf. Never stripping, drying or starving your skin of moisture, we’re sensitive skin approved with no hidden tricks and secret passcodes. Promise.

This is your time to stop being afraid of quality skincare and get products on your shelf that give your skin the comfort and nurturing it deserves. Not sure where to start? Slide into our DM’s and chat with us to be matched with the perfect new routine. 

Rach Xx