4 steps to calm, happy skin.

4 steps to calm, happy skin.

I really do mean it when I say that my range can calm down highly strung skin.

My face is up there with the sensitive, delicate skin types that throws the biggest moods if come in contact with chemicals, dust, animals, if I change my shampoo, or the type of milk substitute I put in my coffee.

So here is my secret to glowing skin that you'll never want to cover up!

I like to keep things super simple, and simplicity starts with my Orange Crush Cleansing Oil. It has a whole of 6 ingredients. I know what you're thinking. 'Are you sure that's all I need to get the job done, Lauren?'

Absolutely! This gentle formula features nourishing, antioxidant rich fruit and plant oils to deeply clean pores, makeup and daily grime build up on the skin, without stripping or clogging your skin. Softly scented with sweet orange oil to uplift your mood and kill bad vibes.

Side note* had incessantly trialed each oil individually on my moody skin, mixed multiple formulations, forced samples upon my friends to trial and smeared my products all over my eyebrow clients at any opportunity before giving my big tick of approval to share this beautiful cleanser with the rest of Australia (And trust me, the fact that I love it is a big deal, I am my harshest critic). My favourite part, other than when I use it myself, is when my facial clients say wow during the first cleanse, the moment Orange Crush touches their skin. 

Second Step - Hydrate. 
Hydration is the key in any skincare regime, whether you're a lover of the Boost A C & E serum, or the Intense Hydration Collagen serum, this really is a must to deliver essential hydration that only an aqua based product can deliver. 

In my range, you have two beautiful water-based serums to choose from, whether you want to stick with the one, or indulge in the skin loving benefits of both serums by layering them together or using one of an evening and one at night, you really cannot go wrong with either of the two in my range. Like mentioned above, very picky, I wouldn't show off my garbage pile. 

Serums work like personal trainers in a gym, they are the product that really gets in there and does the hard yards when it comes to seeing a real change in your skin.

If you're feeling a bit lush, meet step 2.5 - Golden Hour Glow oil Serum. 
This beauty you can layer on your essential water-based serums mentioned above, and it boast a million different benefits such as brightening, energising and giving your skin the ultimate glow. I feel like it's an absolute necessity coming into the cooler months. Layer those serums like you would your winter coats!

Third, Moisturising. Is. Key.
In this step, you will meet my glorious Superfood Cream, which is a light weight in texture, but a heavy weight champion when it comes to providing comfort and protection from external factors for your skin.

Featuring an abundance of superfood ingredients to feed, nourish and brighten dull and thirsty skins, this will become your new "Forever Cream" This cream will provide a beautiful base if you do prefer to wear makeup.

Step 4. Eye Cream. Sleep in a jar is the miracle my tired mum eyes needed when I welcomed my daughter late 2018. It features red wine to boost antioxidant levels (You've already heard me mention these bad boys already) which help fight external factors like free radicals that can cause premature aging, cooling cucumber to sooth puffy eyes and a cocktail of magic to sooth and bring those peepers back to life. 

Eye cream is something I regularly hear being overlooked in skincare regimes, but is so essential from 25 onward, as that's when our biology decides we've peaked and it's time to start the age process. Yes, I know it's terrible, but we can cry about it and be in denial, or we can pop on some eye cream and smell good in the meantime!

Lauren Xx