Perfecting your daily cleanse 

Perfecting your daily cleanse 

We’re taking it right back to basics today and talking all things cleansing. Now, you might be thinking “really? It’s just cleansing?” but in reality, if you haven’t nailed that very first step of your skincare routine then the rest of your amazing natural skincare products are not going to get much done. 

Read on as we break down the different types of cleansers available, choosing the right one for your skin and why perfecting the art of your daily cleanse is the most important part of your skincare routine. 

Why a makeup wipe is just not the same

If you’re a devote to the classic makeup wipe, we hate to break it to you but it’s just not cutting it anymore. Not only are makeup wipes unkind to our environment, they’re often filled with nasty chemicals, preservatives and ingredients that aren’t doing your skin any favours. 

If you’re serious about treating your skin concerns, it’s time to break up with the makeup wipes. 

Whilst they seem quick and convenient (especially after a long night), they don’t do the best job at actually removing the makeup, dirt, grim and pollutants from your skin. Instead, they just move around the existing grime on your face, often leaving behind irritation and breakouts. 

Choosing the right cleanser

Perfecting your daily cleanse begins with ensuring you’ve got the right products on your team. There are so many different types of cleansers on the market so it’s no surprise that people are left feeling confused and often picking the wrong product for their skin! 

The right cleanser will bring balance to your skin and not leave it feeling it’s been stripped of all its natural goodness. It will also create the perfect canvas for your additional skincare steps such as exfoliation and application of serums, moisturisers, sun protection and masks. 

We’re supporting all skin types by bringing you a cleanser that is suitable for each and every one of you. Taking the complication out of choosing a cleanser, our Bloom Balm Cleanser is going to be suitable for even the most sensitive of skins and seamlessly integrates into any skincare routine. 

Loaded with antioxidants and soothing ingredients, Bloom Balm Cleanser is luxuriously creamy and will effectively leave your skin feeling clean, fresh, hydrated and oh so smooth (seriously, she’s such a softy). 

Why do we encourage a double cleanse?

Sometimes, whether it’s the products we choose or the way we’re cleansing, one swift wash of the face isn’t cutting it and we’re still left with impurities on our face. That’s why a double cleanse is the ultimate way to ensure you’ve covered all bases when removing dirt and grime from your busy day.

We especially recommend a double cleanse for our makeup wearing beauties who need an extra helping hand when removing thick foundations and eye shadows. 

To complement our Bloom Balm Cleanser is our Orange Crush Cleansing Oil. Orange Crush is going to be the first step of your double cleanse and work hard melt away all of the excess makeup (yep, even waterproof mascara), dirt and thick sunscreen on your face. Having an oil cleanser as step one of your double cleanse will also help to melt away excess sebum to prevent future breakouts and create balance. Don’t fret, oily skin types! Oil cleansers do not add more oil to your skin! In fact, your skin’s going to love it. Double cleansing routines that feature an oil-based cleanser are actually going to welcome some much-needed moisture and balance to your skin. 

Following your first step, we move into the second, making this the double cleanse, duh! We like to follow our Orange Crush Cleansing Oil with the Bloom Balm Cleanser to lock in incredible hydration, feed your fresh complexion a burst of antioxidants and most importantly, ensure all impurities have been removing from the skin entirely. It’s like the final inspection to ensure everything is in check. 

Let’s get down to business 

So, you now know why cleansing is actually really important (like really) and you’ve chosen the best products for your skin, now it’s time to learn how to master the cleanse itself. 

Firstly, apply your Orange Crush Cleansing Oil to dry skin. Avoid wetting your skin beforehand so the oil can work hard to melt off your makeup and excess dirt. Massage into your face, neck and décolleté for at least one minute to ensure the product has effectively emulsified. 

Next, remove your first cleanse with a warm compress. Leave it on your skin momentarily to open up your pores and welcome your skin to the second cleanse. With your oil cleanser removed, it’s time to grab your Bloom Balm Cleanser.

On a damp face, apply one pump of the cleanser to your palm and massage into your skin. Again, aim for at least a minute of cleansing to boost your circulation and ensure you’re covering all the unique parts of your skin. This daily ritual should be enjoyable! It’s like a mini massage moment for you after a long day. 

Remove the cleanser with a warm compress or one of our Bamboo Cleansing Pads until all the product has subsided. You’re now ready to move onto the remainder of your skincare routine!