5 ways exfoliation is supporting your skin goals

5 ways exfoliation is supporting your skin goals

There’s something about exfoliating that is just so damn satisfying. The way it makes your skin feel so refreshed, smooth and back in balance after a long week of wearing makeup or feeling congested.

As we know, exfoliation is a key step in a holistic skincare routine but why and is it for everyone? From sloughing away dead skin cells to boosting radiance for a youthful glow, that’s just the beginning of how exfoliation is supporting your skin goals.

Exfoliation is suitable for every skin type (with the right products)
For those with sensitive or reactive skins, the idea of exfoliating can leave them seeing alarm bells, but we promise that when you choose an exfoliant that works WITH your skin type, you can achieve glowing skin results too.

Choosing a much gentler approach such as an enzyme exfoliant, allows you to experience the skin refinement without all the harsh scrubbing, redness and irritation you may have felt before. Enzyme exfoliation works by breaking down the protein in the upper layers of the skin which bonds dead skin cells together. By breaking down this protein, the dead skin can gently and effective slough off leaving a smoother, more refined complexion.

Exfoliation has serious pore-unclogging power
From makeup, pollution, daily dirt and grime and dead skin cells, our pesky pores get filled with stubborn blockages like whiteheads and blackheads.

When we don’t refine our pores through proper cleansing and exfoliating, our sebaceous glands start producing oil that has nowhere to go. When the oil can’t find its way out, it causes breakouts and blemishes (ugrh, the worst). By removing this excess build up through exfoliation, we’re stopping it from making its way into the pores and playing havoc on our skin.

Exfoliation benefits the rest of your skincare products
Seriously, the last thing you want is to invest in all of this incredible natural skincare and it not be able to work its magic deep into your skin! By exfoliating regularly, we’re eliminating any barriers between your skin and your amazing skincare. This includes opening your pores for skincare to work its way into where it counts and removing dead skin cell barriers on the surface of your skin that is preventing you from maximising the benefits of your products. Talk about getting your money’s worth!

Exfoliation helps to manage pesky skin concerns
Exfoliation can actually play a key role in managing a range of skin concerns including acne and uneven skin tone. How? By targeting your texture.

Exfoliants break down dead skin cells to create an overall smoother texture. Overtime, when sticking to a regimented exfoliation routine, your skin is going to appear more even. For those experiencing uneven skin tone through pigmentation, exfoliating is going to chip away at that surface pigmentation by speeding up your cell renewal and stopping free radicals in their tracks. By regularly boosting our skin cell turnover, we’re not giving harmful free radicals a chance to make your pigmentation worse or aggravate new ones. Exfoliation means we’re welcoming fresher and healthier skin cells to your complexion sooner, leaving the nasties well and truly behind.

For those that battle breakouts, exfoliation should definitely be part of your skincare routine but in a balanced way – you don’t want to over exfoliate and aggravate your skin further! For acne sufferers, an exfoliant like our Coconut Smoothie Enzymatic Exfoliating Mask is an ultra-gentle yet effective way to treat your skin. The fruit enzymes in our much-loved mask will dissolve dead skin cells and draw out the impurities in your skin. Our superstar Kaolin Clay is incredibly detoxifying and will help to manage and soothe your existing acne whilst helping to prevent future breakouts. Paired with invigorating Papaya, our mask is also going to work on the surface of your skin, helping to reduce the appearance of textual irregularities like acne scarring.

If the signs of ageing are your number one concern, exfoliating is an invigorating way to support younger, brighter looking skin. Naturally, every exfoliation product will have its own hero ingredients that work to correct and support your skin, but the exfoliation process itself is just as helpful! The circular motions of applying our exfoliation products is boosting our circulation which in turn, gets our blood pumping and our collagen and elastin production improving. With our cell turnover process sped up, exfoliation is making way for brighter, youthful skin cells which ultimately, reveals itself as total show-offs on your gorgeous, refined complexion.

Exfoliation crafts the perfect canvas
By now, you’ve gotten the idea that exfoliation is the key to smoother, refined skin so naturally, it means your makeup and tanning routine are going to absolutely LOVE you!

Exfoliating before a big event sets your glam up for success as you’ve created the perfect, even canvas for product application. For self-tanning, exfoliating the night before is going to prevent tan going into your pores and leave you with an even, natural-looking glow. For makeup lovers, regular exfoliation keeps your skin looking and feeling smooth which means liquid products like foundation apply like a total dream.