Lauren's Skincare Pick

Lauren's Skincare Pick

When it comes to skincare, I like to keep it as simple as possible, one, because I am relatively time poor, and two, because the rule less is more, definitely applies.


Less in the case of minimal extra products, I'm still very heavy handed in my application, being a beauty therapist with a dryer skin type, I'm not sure I'm ever going to change my ways in that aspect.


My three products within my skincare range that I use morning and night, daily, and why, are -


Drench Cleansing Cream - This soft, buttery cleanser was created to hydrate, brighten and deeply cleanse even the most sensitive skin types (Like myself, I'm ridiculously sensitive). I've carefully chosen gentle aromas of soft mandarin, sweet orange and mango to take your senses on an aromatic journey while you massage your silky textured cleanser on your face, with each part of your daily ritual.


Pure Hyaluronic Serum - Although hyaluronic acid is weaved throughout most of my formulas, this serum in it's pure form is non-negotiable in my daily routine. I've seen the difference in my skin when I've run out and using one of my other serums. It's completely fragrance free, super gentle on my skin even when it's going through a flare up and provides me with a big dose of hydration when paired with adequate water intake, it's a match made in dehydrated skin's heaven!


Vita C Ageless Cream - Infused with Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and a cocktail of natural antioxidant rich ingredients to bring life to your complexion, this is my all time favourite face moisturising cream. It's a velvety texture, it's deeply nourishing without leaving heaviness or a film on your skin, it just works it's magic as it melts into your skin. I couldn't think of a more perfect moisturiser to offer to my beautiful friends and family, alongside my customers.


Skincare doesn't need to have 10 steps, a cocktail of active ingredients or the need to strip you to your deepest layers on a monthly basis to give you gorgeous, glowing skin.

The Facial Co. Skincare theory is to nourish and feed your skin, with gentle actives and yummy fruit ingredients to give you your most hydrated, bright complexion, leaving you with nothing but compliments on how gorgeous your skin is looking! 


Lauren Xx