Tips and tricks to get your best Golden Hour Glow!

Tips and tricks to get your best Golden Hour Glow!


Have you been suffering from hayfever and your skin in feeling a little average? Or have you had a few too many cocktails or days in the sun and you're skin is just not feeling at dewy and bouncy as usual?

Your skin's ultimate best friend is Golden Hour Glow Oil Serum.

It's no secret that it's one of my favourite products, and it's a cult product during the cooler months, but when my skin needs a little extra, when my allergies have left me with no skin on my nose from blowing it so many times, or I'm just feeling really tired and my skin is showing it, I slather on a layer of Golden Hour Glow, as part of my evening routine to bring comfort to my skin, brighten and give it some life for when I wake in the morning.

Tip Two:

Golden Hour Glow is also perfect as a makeup primer, it leaves you with such a gorgeous base, and helps your skin retain its moisture throughout the day.

Tip Three:

Perhaps you're someone who HATES oily products, (before creating Golden Hour Glow, this way me, I had never found the perfect oil for my skin, the oils I had found were too thick, too fragranced, greasy or wasn't suitable for my allergy prone skin) but love the long list of benefits that GHG is known for. My tip, mix it in with your favourite moisturiser.

Instantly the texture is changed, it makes a glorious butter of your moisturiser, It penetrates easier into your skin, and you're left with soft, beautiful skin.

Tip Four:

Less is more. This isn't a product that needs to be applied heavily. Just apply half a pump to your palms, warm it up by rubbing your hands together and gently press it onto your face.

GHG is such a potent formula, you only need a small amount to get amazing results!

I've had customers tell me that they have used Golden Hour Glow for the following,

- Their skin post epilation (Wax) to soothe and comfort.

- There Psoriasis and Dermatitis, to help soften and nourish the area.

- On itchy bug bigs, healing burns and fresh scars to reduce inflammation and further scarring.

- As a body oil

- Pregnancy oil

So many amazing uses, I'm going to have to make it into a larger bottle soon enough!!