It's on all of our product labels, but what on earth does this mean?

What does the little jar with a number and the letter M mean on product labels?

It's on all of our product labels, but what on earth does this mean?

Once you open your bottle or jar of The Facial Co. Skincare goodness, you must use it within 6 months of opening.

The jar symbolizes the opening of the product, and the number, followed by the letter "M" is the number of months you have to use the product before it starts to go bad.

As you know, and also, the reason why so many people choose The Facial Co. Skincare, our products are made with super natural ingredients, and very mild, natural preservatives in our water-based products.

I have personally chosen this path for TFC. Skincare because it is a specialist range for sensitive skin, and natural preservatives are much gentler on sensitive skin types like my own.

Natural preservatives are far less harmful to your body and that glorious big organ, your skin, and it is my mission to provide the cleanest skincare possible on the market.

This is why, the moment you open your products, use them in a timely manner.

Don't leave them sitting under your vanity cupboard for a special occasion, because every day we're breathing, is a special occasion and your skin is worthy of high quality, natural skincare that actually works!

The longer you leave your products, you may notice a change in the smell.

This is because when scent is used in the products, we only use essential oils from fruits, flowers and plants, which end up softening, evaporating or potentially go rancid depending on how long you've actually held onto your products.

In conclusion, use your products! They are not benefiting anyone living in the dark, under your sink, and definitely not on your bench top in light or warm places. 

Ps. Always, always keep your natural skincare in a cool dark place when you are not using them.