5 reasons why you need a face oil in your life

5 reasons why you need a face oil in your life

When it comes to feeding your complexion all the good things, you’re probably relying on a moisturiser or serum, right? Whilst the skincare judges are giving you a solid 9 out of 10 for good skin habits, let’s take you to the top of the class by adding a face oil.

You’re thinking really? Oil for my face? Yes! Really! Face oils return precious moisture and life back into your skin, smoothing lines and soothing it in the process.

If you’re still not convinced about this glowing skin in a jar product, keep reading for 5 reasons why you need a facial oil in your life.

They feed your skin a burst of vitamins and antioxidants
Face oils work with your skin, not against it by adding a collection of skin loving vitamins and antioxidants to your artillery. The right face oil can help prevent the damaging effects of free radicals, loss of elasticity, address the signs of ageing and calm inflamed complexions.

Look for oils loaded with vitamins and antioxidants like raspberry seed, jojoba and evening primrose. These ingredients are going to offer you nourishment and protection at whatever stage your skin journey is at whilst delivering that classic face oil glow you’re going to love. How convenient! Our Golden Hour Glow face oil features all of these incredible ingredients!

Oil for oily skin? Pfft. For real? Yes, for real!
The biggest misconception about face oils is that they don’t play well with oily skin types when in fact, they go together like macaroni and cheese!

The oils that are produced by our skin differ significantly to the oils you find in skincare products. Oily skin types have an overproduction in what is called sebum, a nasty oil that’s known for clogging pores and leading to breakouts and congestion. These skin types are thirsty for deep moisture and hydration and face oils are a speedy way to do this. The hit of hydration will help to regulate the amount of oil your skin is producing which is a HUGE win for our oily skin beauties! Yay!

Let’s talk fatty acids
Natural face oils are made up of ingredients known as omega fatty acids. Whilst we know these are excellent nutrients for healthy bodies, they’re also a powerful ingredient for healthy, glowing skin.

Omega fatty acids are anti-inflammatories, which means they support angry, irritated skin and help it to feel calmer and in control. Face oils nurture inflamed skins like those experiencing eczema, dermatitis and dryness, seal in moisture and protect them throughout the day.

Face oils also work hard to support proper barrier function. Our barrier can become disrupted through overuse or misuse of products, sun exposure, environmental stressors and skin neglect *sad face*. Adding a face oil to your regular skincare rituals form not only a temporary barrier for your skin but help to feed your skin the necessary nutrients it needs to feel restored, stronger and healthier.

They help you up your facial massage game
If the multitude of skin benefits hasn’t given you those add to cart vibes, then this one definitely will. Our face, neck and chest LOVE a massage. They boost circulation, increase blood and oxygen flow, help lift and tone and of course, they feel good too.

Face oil is the perfect slip for an evening self-care moment that helps to glide your hands across your face and in turn, penetrate the skincare goodness deeper into your skin. All it takes is 2 minutes every evening to add this extra step into your skincare ritual to thank your mind, skin and soul for another excellent day’s work. *chefs kiss*

That glow though
Face oils are the radiance booster we all dream of and can truly enhance the way your makeup looks and feels. Let’s face it. Cakey makeup has no business being a part of our beauty ritual, especially when lightweight, luminous skin looks so.damn.good.

Face oils can help thin out the texture of your base makeup to make your blending process not only easier but with a flawless, bouncy finish. If you’re a low maintenance beauty lover, mix a few drops of face oil into your foundation or tinted moisturiser for an even, ultra-hydrated looking complexion.

Ready to glow for it? Yeah, you are! Visit our online store today to get your hands on our Golden Hour Glow face oil and start noticing the difference.