Tried and tested: we talk to lovers of The Facial Co. Skincare

Natural Vegan Skincare

There’s nothing we love more than seeing our customers skin transform with our natural skincare products. Whether they’re getting started with skincare for the very first time or are shaking up their normal routine, we can’t get enough of the glowing reviews on our website, tags on social media and stories of skin transformations.

So, what happens when you gift your products to someone that really (and we mean really) knows skin? We sat down with Rachel, the magic copywriter behind our new website copy, and asked her ALL the questions about her experiencing using The Facial. Co Skincare.

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us, Rach! Could you tell us about your skin?
My pleasure! I would classify my skin has normal. It’s not overly dry or oily but it can experience breakouts from time to time. As someone that has worked closely with beauty brands over the past 6 years, my skin has been very lucky to enjoy some of the treatments and products which has kept it in good condition! I’m currently on a fertility journey which has seen my skin change considerably and for someone that’s job is all about skin and beauty, that has been a little hard to take! It’s now experiencing breakouts and sensitivity more than before, so I’ve had to work on managing that.

What kind of products were you using before The Facial Co. Skincare?
I’m in a very committed relationship with professional skincare products and pay close attention to the ingredients that are in them. I was regularly trying new products that were often very active.

What products from The Facial Co. Skincare have you been using?
I was INCREDIBLY lucky to be gifted the entire The Facial Co. Skincare collection from Lauren as she insisted, I try the products before writing about them. I was completely blown away by her generosity and couldn’t wait to try them!

What were your first impressions of The Facial Co. Skincare?
The packaging caught my eye even before I started working with the brand. It was like nothing I’d seen before in the industry and I really connected with the fun and bright illustrations. I was very excited to have the bottles I saw on Instagram sitting proudly on my bathroom shelf (and looking super cute too!). Other than the packaging, the smell of the products got me really excited to try them. You could tell from the smell that they were packed with amazing natural ingredients and that they were incredibly well thought out.

How has your skin responded to our products? Have you seen a change in your complexion?
I’m a big fan of making sure my skin has had proper time to benefit from products before reviewing them, so I used all the products in their natural order each morning and night until the bottles were completely empty.

As I mentioned, my skin was in a bit of a new era for me when I first started using the products so I was hoping that the ingredients in the products would calm it the heck down! Spoiler alert: it totally did.

Soon into switching over to The Facial Co. Skincare products, my skin became clearer and definitely a lot calmer. After a month using the products, I was even having the odd makeup free day!

Speaking of makeup, the products sit really well under my makeup which was seamlessly removed at the end of the day with the double cleanse. I love the smell of the products when applying them and the texture of them is so light and hydrating. A total dream to use.

Go on, spill the beans. What’s been your favourite product?
I knew I’d be asked this! I couldn’t choose one so I’m going to share three.
My absolute favourite is the Golden Hour Glow face oil. I have been a lover of face oil for many years now and this is definitely up there with the best of them. It smells divine and leaves my skin looking and feeling SO hydrated. I have even put a drop into my BB cream to give my skin an even but incredibly glowy finish.

My second favourite is the Orange Crush Cleansing Oil. The size of the product is incredibly generous and great value for money. Again, it smells amazing but does such a good job at removing makeup at night. A little goes a long way which means this product is going to last you a really long time.

Finally, I have to go with the Superfood Cream as my third favourite. The ingredients list for this one is very impressive, and I think has contributed significantly to my skin looking so much clearer and calmer. It’s very light so it’s great for day and night. I’m praying to the skincare gods that this comes in a giant size one day!