We want to make one thing clear - your skin! Your breakout questions answered

We want to make one thing clear - your skin! Your breakout questions answered

Odds are, if you’ve experienced breakouts, you’ve got questions. Why do I keep getting breakouts? Can my pores really close? How do I deal with the scarring acne has left behind? We’ve been there too and fortunately; we’ve got answers to share!

We’re sharing our expertise with quick fire answers to your breakout questions.

Why am I breaking out?
Acne and congestion can be caused from a variety of imbalances that happen both internally and externally. The most common source of acne is our hormones and our skin having a freak out when there is a surge of them erupting within our bodies. This is why teenagers in particular experience significant breakouts during time of puberty.

As we know, the breakout woes don’t always end once we reach adulthood. For women, our hormones can experience a surge during pregnancy and menopause which can welcome back those unwanted guests.

For our oily skin beauties, your skin is also susceptible to breakouts. When our hair follicles start overproducing oil (commonly caused from dehydration or barrier imbalances), the sebum has nowhere to go but to hang out on our skin and block our pores. These blockages lead to congestion in the pores and can cause breakouts.

This congestion in the pores can also be caused from a build-up in dead skin cells and bacteria. More often than not, this is due to not having a daily skincare ritual that works best for your skin (don’t fret, we got you).

Can my pores open and close?
No, not exactly. Your pores do not open and close like we’re led to believe but by ensuring they’re consistently clean, we can minimise their appearance. This will also assist us in minimising the formation of blackheads.

Is my moisturiser going to make me breakout?
There’s a common misconception that applying thicker skincare products like moisturisers are going to work against oily and acne prone skin but in fact, they would love the extra hydration! These skin types are often thirsty for moisture so finding a natural moisturiser rich in antioxidants and antiinflammatories can provide ease to your breakout woes.

We can speak for all moisturisers (we’re prefer text tbh), but our Superfood Cream is going to give your inflamed breakouts some serious soothing. Harnessing restoring acai, wheatgrass and mangosteen, Superfood Cream provides your skin much needed protection, balance and calm.

Should I stop wearing makeup?
We understand that with acne comes a shift in your confidence which is why we’re not going to tell you to ditch the makeup. Instead, make proactive choices about your morning glam like opting for mineral-based makeup products that lets your skin breathe throughout the day.

To avoid spreading unnecessary spreading of bacteria, be diligent in washing your makeup brushes and sponges (but we know you’re already ace at that, gold star for you).

Can I prevent breakouts for good?
If we had the solution to breakouts, well, let’s just say we’d be answering this question from our private island full of unicorns. Whilst there’s no permanent solution to breakouts, we can manage them by giving our mind, body and skin balance and nourishment.

Glowing skin always begins from within which is why when it comes to managing breakouts, we want to nourish our bodies with foods rich in zinc, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and of course, by drinking lots of water. Internally, we also want to practice medicine for the mind and manage our stress levels. When we’re feeling stressed or anxious, our hormones can surge and lead to unwanted breakouts. This is why many experience pesky pimples before a big test or job interview.

Externally, it’s all about creating skincare rituals that work hard for your skin. The Facial Co. Skincare proudly creates all-natural, Australian made skincare free of nasty chemicals and preservatives. Focussing on nourishment, protection, hydration and rejuvenation, each of our products work together to create skincare rituals that not only are effective but enjoyable.

Go on… give it to me straight. Does chocolate cause breakouts like I’ve been told?You’re going to love this. There’s no scientific evidence that chocolate causes breakouts. Good quality cocoa, such as high percentage dark chocolate, is actually very high in antioxidants which as we know, are the Monica to our skin’s Rachel. This doesn’t mean we can treat ourselves to a family block each night (dammit) as most milk and white chocolates are rich in dairy and processed sugars but treating yourself to a square of good quality chocolate isn’t going to break you out. Yay!