About The Facial Co. Skincare


Mindfully created in the land of droughts and flooding rains, we are The Facial Co. Skincare.

The Facial Co. Skincare is a boutique, naturally active skincare brand, with the sole purpose of empowering you with confidence to go make-up free, fight early signs of aging and to provide a beautiful self care ritual for your mind,skin and soul.

Natural skincare is paving the way in the anti-aging world, with so many powerful and pure ingredients available at our fingertips. 
We're continuing to educate our clients with the benefits of a natural approach, and perks of avoiding unnatural chemical ingredients, as they are not essential to achieve and maintain a clear, youthful complexion.

Our values shine throughout our product range and ingredients list, offering simplicity in your routine, natural and organic active ingredients, cruelty-free vegan formula with no hidden tricks.