Behind the brand

Behind the brand
From a young age, I'd beg my parents to swing by Kmart on a Friday after school, so I could purchase a new facemask to apply during my slumber parties, or looking at the DIY face masks I could create in the latest issue of my girly trash mag, as a pre teen. I've always had a passion for beauty, but more so, skin.  That big, amazing organ that covers our entire body. 
I have always been fascinated in how naturally sourced ingredients can have such wonderful, effective benefits for the skin. Throughout my beauty career, I've learnt that you don't need chemical ridden formulas to see a change or maintain your skin. The only thing is, I am so allergic to most of the "natural" brands that were on the market.

After further investigation, I noticed that brands who claimed to be natural, were in fact, riddled with harmful chemicals, and clung to the claim of being natural, due to the fact that they utilised a few natural ingredients throughout their range. I started to realise that it is very much a "buyer beware", and if you didn't educate yourself with the beauty jargon out there, you could potentially be exposing yourself to harmful chemicals, as things aren't always what they claim to be. That's exhausting.
I've always suffered from dry, sensitized and eczema prone skin, and after much frustration, and struggling to find an 100% natural ingredient based product on the market, particularly formulas that have active ingredients to slow those pesky early signs of ageing, (because lets be real, the ageing process starts to happen around the 25 years of age mark, and I am creeping on 30), that’s when The Facial Co. Skincare was born, and since, I have worked with my team to develop a range that ticks all of the boxes.
We currently have a 10 piece range, including a cream cleanser, toning mist, moisturising cream, eye cream, serums, exfoliating mask, bamboo cleansing pads and a soothing lip butter.