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About Cheeky Cacti

Hey Cheeky!

I'm Lauren, and I have sensitive skin. Very sensitive AND dry skin, and so do a lot of my friends and their children, as well as my daughter.
Cheeky Cacti originally started in my kitchen, where I would create natural skin soothers and moisturisers for the sensitive skin conditions of my friends and I. Each product in my range has been formulated specifically for a friend of mine and their skin concerns, who have then loved it so much, they have shared their love and results with others, creating a demand, so that's where we began.

The name originated from a drive home from my weekly grocery shop, when I had my 2010 playlist rocking on Spotify, and the song "Barbara Streisand" by Duck Sauce. I thought, 'Duck Sauce?, what a name!'. Then I thought, if I had a band, what would I name it?

My favourite colour + my favourite animal? My daughters initials? A characteristic of myself and my daughter that we share + the small plant I've been googling and trying to source? Sure!

Except, this isn't a band, this is now the name of a new family inclusive skin + body care brand. 

Join the journey as this brand expands! 

Cheeky Cacti